Snug: a free lace knitting stitch pattern


This month, the random number generator chose snug, suggested by Pia.  I like the way this one came out a lot, and for a nice change, it’s not full of double YOs and double decreases. Thank you so much!

Each month, my Patreon backers have the chance to suggest words for me to encode as knitting stitches. A random number generator helps me choose the word of the month, and then I get to work, first turning the letters into numbers, then charting the numbers onto grids in various ways. Finally, when I make the chart into lace, I turn the marked squares into yarnovers and work out where to place the corresponding decreases. (I usually make lace; occasionally I make cables instead.) I also make a chart for any craft that uses a square grid for designing; this goes in a separate post.

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Purse Stitch crescent selvedges

Purse stitch crescent selvedges

Thinking about Purse Stitch made me think about how to incorporate it into crescent shawl selvedges. Understanding its structure helped me figure out how to mirror it along the two edges.

I like the result. It’s a bit unusual in how it’s worked, so I hope my instructions are clear enough. I’ve phrased it in three different ways. Please comment if you have trouble!

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some charts for any craft that uses charts

Snug: a free chart for any craft that uses charts

Usually I do one post like this each month to go with my words suggested by my Patreon supporters. I seem to have fallen down on the job for the last few months, though, so I’m going to catch up with three charts in one post!

Herein, please find (from most recent word to the oldest) Snug, Cunning, and Sprout.

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Designer Interview: Raven Knits

Raven Knits Design bundle

I know Raven casually from the four years of  the Gift-a-Long and elsewhere on Ravelry, and also from Google+. (She’s posting an inspiring daily hat feature for the GAL over there, by the way, and also on Instagram.) I associate her with her cute dog, Amber, and also patterns named for less well-known aspects of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.
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Designer interview: Nim Teasdale

© Nimble Knits

Here is my second of three designer interviews for this year’s Gift-a-Long.

I met Nim Teasdale in the Gift-a-Long two years ago. I was knitting one of her amazing shawls, and she was already following my blog for the stitch patterns. We have since become friends, and also collaborators. She’s designed several shawls that use my stitch patterns: some that are here on my blog, and also some that I have designed exclusively for her.

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Designer Interview: Robynn Weldon


One of the things I like about the Gift-a-Long is working with other independent designers on a giant project. It’s a nice way to support each other. I also like introducing some of them to my followers.

I met Robynn on Twitter this year and then realized we’d been in the Gift-a-Long together in previous years. Somehow this is extra satisfying.

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Indie Design Gift-a-Long 2016


It’s winter time, and that means it’s almost time for this year’s Gift-a-long on Ravelry. More than 300 knitting and crochet designers will have patterns that can be made for this giant knit- and crochet-a-long. More details in the Ravelry group!

Once you’ve picked out your patterns, please join us in knitting or crocheting in our group. There will be games and prizes. The official Gift-a-Long ends on New Year’s Eve, but there’s a strong community that continues socializing throughout the whole year. Please join us!
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I will not be silent

I don’t think I have any eloquence in me. I don’t have a usual sort of knitting blog post, either. But I don’t think this is a time for keeping silent. 

When other Republican presidents have been elected in my lifetime, I’ve been worried, but not concerned about imminent disasters. This election is not the same. I am scared for the safety of my friends; I am scared for everyone I know who relies on the ACA, Social Security, and Medicare; I am scared for the environment; and I am scared for such fundamentals of our country as freedom of the press. And that’s just for starters.

Furthermore, white supremacists have been emboldened to attack people and leave disgusting graffiti in places calculated to hurt the vulnerable. 

Despite being scared, I cannot be quiet about this. I am going to do what I can to keep things from getting worse, and I encourage you to do the same.