Edited slightly from a post I made on Ravelry on 8/17/2009:

So I was driving up the street this morning when I noticed a jumble of wood boards and stuff on someone’s curb (where people leave stuff when they are willing to let people just take it away). I drove half a block further when the nature of some of it sunk in and I screeched to a halt.

Two minutes later I had a trunk full of two warping boards (one of which doubles as an inkle loom) and was inspecting a rather dilapidated old floor loom.

Five minutes later I was walking downhill holding T’s hand while the guy who had put his mother’s old loom out carried the loom down to my house.

I have to inspect it more closely and it clearly needs a lot of loving care – a good wipe down, oil, new belts, new cord to hold some of the bits on, and who knows what all. I hope it can be put back in working order and that I can find somewhere to put it in my house.

If I can’t make it fit I bet I can find someone who’d love it…


More details:

It’s a 22” four-harness, four-treadle floor loom from Harrisville Designs. I think it was stored upside down on a wood floor. I think many of the metal bits (the reed and some of the rods) are going to need replacing due to rust. Some of the heddles are rusty too. It needs new belts (or whatever they are) so the harnesses will go up and down. The manual and the parts catalog are going to be My Friends, and fortunately, they arrived in the mail yesterday.

It’s going to be a slow process getting her back in order.

She’s named Persephone.

4 thoughts on “Persephone

  1. Susan

    I recently got a 36" Harrisville, indirectly through the ReStore at a local dump. As I was going to Harrisville for a class I took it along and for a flat fee they totally restore it, all new moving parts, etc. It was an amazing process and I had it back early on the third day. I realize that you are not near Harrisville, but they have loads of info, and can supply any fiddly little part that you need.Good Luck! Susan

  2. Jennifer

    Just in case you need any detailed pictures, I just purchased a four-harness four treadle 22" Harrisville, so I am available to take pictures if needed! :)Good luck with Persephone! What a lovely name.


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