A bit of my design thought process.


  1. I’m knitting one thing at the moment, but I’m considering how to make a variant that will combine knitting and crochet. Here’s some of how my thinking has been going (while I’m knitting, mind).
  2. Okay, so this part is garter stitch and that part is stockinette. I think the garter would look nice replaced by crochet.
  3. But crochet tends to be thicker than knitting, so would the two parts sit side by side nicely?
  4. Garter stitch is thicker than stockinette; is crochet thicker than garter stitch? In other words, would #2 matter?
  5. But this yarn is worsted weight and I generally don’t personally care for crochet done in worsted weight. (Note: this is a matter of personal taste, I know. My design process, not suitable for everyone’s consumption. 😉
  6. Contrast colors in different weight yarn? (A thought set aside for later contemplation).
  7. This yarn has four plies, could I unply some of it and turn it into twice as much two ply yarn?
  8. Too much work. Not enough time. This is a giftmas present as well as a design sample. (This thought also set aside for later contemplation, along with a million and a half other such thoughts left over from other projects.)
  9. Hey, wait, rather than split a thick yarn, how about using a thin yarn for the crochet and doubling it for the knitting?
  10. When doubled, isn’t fingering weight yarn doubled about the same as worsted weight?
  11. If in doubt, swatch!

I have rummaged in my stash and have found some fingering weight yarn. Tonight, I swatch!

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