Black Sea Nettle

I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium last fall, as I think I’ve mentioned, and got several photos with interesting color combinations that really stretch my boundaries. Here’s one that has a classic complementary combination, orange and blue:


I’m not going to show all the intermediate steps this time. I used Graphic Converter to pull out some color choices (very similar to what Photocopa came up with, actually) and put them into a design that could be done with two color knitting and that evokes something about the ruffliness of the jellyfish:


I tried to do something like the percentages of the different colors and I like the effect, though I might choose slightly different hues next time.

2 thoughts on “Black Sea Nettle”

  1. Stunning photo! I see much more blue in the photo than in your chart, but maybe that’s the vagaries of the computer trolls. I could easily see your chart as cuffs on mittens or gloves. With a matching hat. And a lengthwise version for a scarf.

    Need. More. Hours!

    1. There are more blues in the picture – I was just trying to simplify. Maybe too much? I agree about it being a good design for an edging. It’s going to have to go to the end of the line though. There are Too Many Ideas! (Though if I didn’t have lots of ideas, I’d be complaining of boredom. It seems that creativity spawns more creativity.)

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