Oak leaves in winter

Sometimes the light catches something in just the right way and I have my camera with me. Look at this vivid red, the result of sunlight shining through dried up oak leaves:


I ran it through the palettes app I’ve been using on the iPad, and came up with this, that I sorted by value (I read this very interesting post today):


I recently was going through my fiber arts books and discovered that I own a Dover book called Folk Designs from the Caucasus by Lyatof Kerimov, which has some interesting charted designs in it that I want to use in conjunction with Sara Lamb’s book, Woven Treasures.

I combined the palette above with one of the designs in there and came up with this combination, which I quite like. It’s also a fairly common traditional color combination, but the book I was working with was in black and white.


On further reflection, I think it’s truer to the original photo if the background is pale grey:


I also played around a bit in Percolator, which I’ve recently been having fun with, and which I think might be a good way to pull out a palette:


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