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I’m working on a specialized knitting stitch dictionary for sale, based on my secret code techniques. This will probably be in it, but I wanted to share it with you. It seems to me that a lot of my friends could use hugs right now (though only if they want them); this is the word hug, turned into base six numbers and then laid out on a grid (see adding it all up).


Round 1: k, yo, sssk, k, yo, k2, k2tog, yo x 2, ssk, k2, yo, k, k3tog, yo, k.
Round 2: k8, lark’s head, k8.
Round 3: k, k2tog, (k, yo) x 2, k3tog, yo, k2, yo, sssk, (yo, k) x 2, ssk, k.
Round 4: k18.

Note: Lark’s head = twist each YO loop in opposite directions as you knit or purl them.

(I also hope to have a different version at some point for those of you who don’t care for lace for whatever reason.)

Creative Commons License
Hug stitch pattern by Naomi Parkhurst is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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