Well, this is something I didn’t expect to happen – the idea sprang up among a bunch of independent designers about ten days ago, and suddenly we’re having a gift-a-long.

What is a gift-a-long? In this case, it’s a large group of people knitting or crocheting gifts  from a select group of patterns by independent designers. There’s a Ravelry group: Indie Design Gift-a-Long, where people are discussing their work and getting to know each other. There are prizes and there will be games. It’s a lot of fun!

The gift-a-long will extend through the end of the year. Our gift to you as designers is a 25% discount on all participating patterns that lasts through November 15 (just use the coupon code giftalong before you pay for patterns).

There are thousands of patterns available, listed both in a Ravelry thread and a group of Pinterest boards. There are links to everything from the group’s information pages on Ravelry.

My six available paid patterns are all included in the sale:


I’ve started out by knitting Leethal’s Wild is the Wind, a top-down hat. (Is anyone surprised? No? Good.)

Here’s my progress so far (click for a bigger picture):

wildisthewindI’ve been delighted both by how the pattern is written and how it’s coming out. It seems that Leethal’s style suits my thought processes.

Having a great time, wish you were here!

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