Summer (free stitch patterns)

The Summer Solstice has just passed, and so I’m posting my Summer stitch patterns to go with Spring.

Summer (free lace knitting pattern)
Summer (free lace knitting pattern)

First, the lace. This one was encoded with base 7 instead of base 6, because it came out better that way. I’ve shown beads on the middle repeat, but beads are not necessary.


Row 1 (RS): Yo, sssk, k3, yo, k2, yo, k3, k3tog, yo. (14 sts)
Row 2 (WS): P13, k.
Row 3: Yo, k, sssk, (k2, yo) x 2, k2, k3tog, k, yo.
Row 4: P13, k.
Row 5: K2, ssk, k3, yo x 2, k3, k2tog, k2.
Row 6: P6, k, p7.
Row 7: K, yo, kb, yo, sssk, k4, k3tog, yo, kb, yo, k.
Row 8: Purl.
Row 9: K, yo, k2, yo, cdd, k2, cdd, yo, k2, yo, k.
Row 10: Purl.
Row 11: K2, yo, kb, yo, k, cdd x 2, k, yo, kb, yo, k2.
Row 12: Purl.

Summer (free stranded knitting stitch pattern)
Summer (free stranded knitting stitch pattern)

And here’s a stranded pattern, done with base 3, which I’ve recently found does really well for a certain style of stranded design (a lot of peeries and vertical stripes). I’ve also included a base 3 version of Spring, though I haven’t swatched it. I thought the four seasons might be a particularly nice theme if I could make four of them to go together.





(The stranded charts were done with

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