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I plan to make use of this feature in future charts, too.

Shifting Stitches

in Stitch Mastery Knitting Chart Editor!

Do you see those beautiful little red numbers — they identify  groups of the ‘same type’ of stitch to be worked within a row.  I know this is a fairly easy sample (since you can see the stitch count at the bottom and top of the chart and these particular sequences run all the way across the chart but…the possibilities. No more counting when you’re knitting!

Stitch Mastery annotations

This chart is a stitch from Knitting Stitches: Over 300 Contemporary and Traditional Stitch Patterns by Mary Webb. It’s found on pg 189. It’s also a stitch that’s part of one of the designs I’m working on at the moment — A Celtic Quilt 1 (to be released in November 2014).  Here’s a sneak peek:

ACQ1 - Square 5_diagonal crop 4-100c

You can keep tabs on the latest news in the Impeccable Knitters Gathering Place Ravelry group. If you’d like to know…

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