Gift-a-long Treasure Hunt 3

Well, and here we come to the third and last of the treasure hunts I’ve put together for the Gift-a-long. I’ve had fun doing this, and I’d venture to guess that you have too, from the responses I’ve been getting!

This is an excerpt of the pattern photo (used by permission of the designer.)

Here is the answer to this puzzle!

This one is also mathematically-themed, though a bit less obviously so.

  1. This is a third kind of knitted accessory.
  2. While the name can be mathematical, the meaning of the exact word in math is on a higher level than I think of as general knowledge, so I’m not going to use that as a clue. The shape, however, is an twisty form familiar to many knitters, though perhaps a bit one-sided.
  3. It’s worked from the middle outward.
  4. It’s got double knitting and seed stitch.
  5. I suspect the name has to do with the double knitting, as it has to do with a mutual exchange of benefits.
  6. I interviewed the designer for a previous year’s Gift-a-Long.

Either look through this bundle of Gift-a-long sale patterns (searchable if you have a Ravelry account), or through our Pinterest boards, which are broadly organized by category.

If you figure it out, please either email me: naomi at stringgeekery dot com, or message me on Ravelry. If I get more than one answer, I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. Deadline is the day before the end of the sale: November 26, 2015 at 11:59 pm US EST.

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