A few words about clothing and color

I was reading a book about making clothes the other day and stopped short when it started being bossy about how to wear colors that don't suit one. Now, maybe it's just that I'm not a particularly fashionable person, but this made me cranky. I wanted to throw the book out the car window; fortunately for the book, it came from the library.

I happen to be pleased that the colors I like to look at are the same colors that other people tell me I look good when wearing. Ultimately, though, I think what's important is that my clothes should make me comfortable and happy, should be well-made and last a long time, and should ideally have been made in ethical circumstances. (I don't manage the last as much as I'd like, for a variety of reasons, but I try not to beat myself up over it.)

This goes for you, too: if a given color makes you happy, I'm not going to argue that you shouldn't wear large quantities of it. In fact, if you’re a friend of mine, I’ll give you things in that color because I know you like it, whether or not I think it “suits” your complexion, and whether or not I like the color in question. If it makes you happy, it suits you, end of story.

I feel this way about a lot of things, really. My motto about knitting styles is that if you're getting results you like (or are getting better), and you're not hurting your hands, then you're knitting correctly.

4 thoughts on “A few words about clothing and color

  1. I find all those restrictive clothing rules so silly. Seasonal colours, finding your palette and not wearing anything else, dress for your body type as if you are a piece of fruit and not a person….what’s wrong with just wearing what you like?

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