Philosophy of craft

I often see people wondering if they’re knitting/crocheting/whatever the “wrong way”, mostly having to do with yarn choice, how they hold their hands, and things like that.

My answer to that goes something like this:

If you are happy with the results (or, when learning, you can see that you are improving) and you are not hurting yourself in the process, then you are not knitting wrong. It doesn’t matter if you hold the yarn in the left or the right hand, or how you keep the yarn taut, or which direction the yarn is wrapped around the needle.

If you like what you’re making and it does what you need? You’re making it correctly, and it’s awesome.

5 thoughts on “Philosophy of craft”

  1. Totally agree. Even if its the ‘wrong’ yarn choice etc, its all a learning process in the end πŸ™‚

  2. I agree so much as well! Learning to apply the ways that I started both in knitting and spinning helped me add to the crafting life, and only 1 needed correction per se: spinning with arms extended above the shoulder line.

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