A postscript on finding knitting content in books

Last week I talked about broadening book searches to find more information about knitting.

This blog post is essentially a postscript to that one.

Digging around the craft section in used bookstores or libraries has led me to find knitting content in a wide range of books, including a book about rag rugs, a book of sewing patterns for dolls which had a pattern for knitted sweaters, and tangentially in books of charts meant for needlepoint, cross stitch, or knotted rugs. (The charts in the latter can be turned into colorwork or texture patterns.) Keep your eyes open and who knows what you’ll find? Just don’t limit yourself to the books that say they’re about knitting.

Dover is an excellent source for books of needlework charts. The three books in the front of my photo are all from Dover.

2 thoughts on “A postscript on finding knitting content in books”

  1. Once again I’ve come to the end of an online day without making time to upload a picture…I knitted a hat with the “Typo” mosaic pattern on it.

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