Exciting news, plus some miscellaneous stuff

The thing most on my mind this morning is that my next Patreon goal was reached last night, and this means that I will be turning two words suggested by my Patreon supporters into knitting stitches each month! I am very excited and pleased about that. My original blog post for today is below.

Étude no. 14: Vertical excerpts

Spark: a free lace knitting stitch to coordinate with wildfire

Immediately after I posted about using a subset of rows from a complex chart as a coordinating stitch pattern, I started wondering about a subset of columns. This is naturally more complicated, as the decreases and increases have to be balanced out, which means a good deal more fiddling with the stitch pattern. I think […]

Linkety-link, part 8

This week’s regularly scheduled post isn’t going to happen (due to a confluence of personal events), so it’s a good thing I have a bunch of links saved up! Multicraftual: Standard foot measurement information for sock makers. It’s written for knitters, but I see no reason why crocheters or nalbinders couldn’t make good use of […]