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Laying out the numbers on a rectangular grid: methods 1-3

This is the next part of my rewrite of my instructions for turning words into knitting charts (or charts for other crafts). Once the letters have been turned into numbers, they need to be charted on a grid. These are three ways of making rectangular grids with the numbers; I’ll post a fourth way in a couple of weeks. Continue reading Laying out the numbers on a rectangular grid: methods 1-3

Rewrite of secret code explanations

At the top of my blog, there’s a link: Embedding Meaning in Your Knitting (or Other Crafts) (if you have a small screen or narrow window, click the menu link first – it looks like three horizontal lines).

That’s the start of the series of posts I wrote to explain how I turn words into stitch patterns. It’s actually a rewrite of the first time I wrote the series, but I’ve learned some even better ways to explain it since. Also,  some additions have snuck in and been added in non-ideal locations; they need to be fixed.

Anyway. I’m planning to rewrite it, first as blog posts (please tell me if anything’s confusing!), and then once it’s all rewritten, I’ll move the posts up under that menu as more coherent pages.

The first thing I needed was a new outline. I’m not sure if input will be helpful here, since I doubt the outline is comprehensible without all the knowledge in my head. I’m mostly including it for accountability.

I’m not going to be doing these weekly – I’ll still have stitch patterns and techniques to post in between.

Continue reading Rewrite of secret code explanations

Tip Jar

As you might know, I’ve got a Patreon account. If you find my blog useful on a regular basis and would like to donate monthly, I would really appreciate it very much. It lets me go on doing this work, which I think is valuable.

I’ve also been meaning to put a single use Paypal tip jar button in my blog sidebar for some time as well. If you would rather donate sporadically (and are able), this is the option for you. Thank you very much!

(I used a combination of these instructions at Aoxoa and these WordPress instructions to work this out. I think how it works must have changed; WordPress requires the email link from Paypal now instead of the html form code.)

If you don’t have much income of your own, please don’t feel obligated – there’s a reason I put my blog posts up for free!

Two Random Things and a Question

This morning, you get two random things and a question, because that’s what I’ve been thinking about in relation to the blog.

First, I’ve been thinking about the whole Creative Commons thing. I’ve been putting the loosest Creative Commons restrictions on my stitch pattern posts in an attempt to help show that I don’t mind if people use the stitch patterns in their work. The restriction in question simply asks people to attribute the work to me (because that’s how Creative Commons works).

The thing is that this doesn’t really match up with US copyright law (as I understand it) about things like stitch patterns. The part of my blog posts that are covered by copyright or Creative Commons are the words and the illustrations. If a designer uses the stitch pattern, but writes their own instructions or makes their own charts, they have the freedom to do that without attribution.

So, I think I’m going to stop putting the Creative Commons notices on future stitch patterns, and will try to think of an appropriate note to add at the bottom. I would very much appreciate getting credit, especially since I’m putting the stitch patterns out there for free, but I won’t get upset if designers use the stitch patterns without attribution.

Second, I just want to give you a heads up that sometime in the next month or so, I’ll be moving my blog to my own website. The design and transfer are still in the works, but it’s getting closer. Keep an eye out so you can update your RSS feeds or email subscriptions.

Finally, the question. I’ve been trying to think of a list of what I consider to be “geek holidays” for a project. Here’s the ones I’ve come up with: Pie Day (3/14), May the Fourth, Ada Lovelace Day, and Talk Like a Pirate day. Anything else come to mind?

A useful index to keep blog posts in

By popular demand, I’ve put on my librarian hat and indexed the more than 200 posts I’ve written so far. I’ve tried to index posts in multiple categories where relevant, though I might have missed some. The index is a page on my blog, and is therefore always available in the menus at the top of the site.

I skipped the announcement posts for my individual patterns; instead, I’ve linked directly to my Ravelry designer page. I will probably be adding a better page on my site for a list of all my patterns in the long run, but this will do for now.

Two hundred posts! Thanks for sticking with me. I’ve been having a blast.

Any knitting questions you’d like answered?

I mean, there’s a lot I don’t know (and I’ll tell you so), but sometimes people ask me questions about knitting or design that I can answer, so here’s an opportunity!

Also, I’ve had a request for an index to my posts (particularly the technique ones), which I think is a reasonable idea. I think what I will do is work on it a little at a time (over 200 posts is fairly hefty, but it will only get worse if I wait) and post about it as I go.

the 2015 VAT mess

TL;DR: if you live in the EU and buy patterns from me after 1 January 2015, your purchase will be redirected from Ravelry to and the VAT for where you live will be added to the purchase price. The pattern will still be added to your Ravelry library. Unfortunately, Ravelry promotions that are anything other than one which gives you a free pattern won’t work anymore because of technical limitations.
Continue reading the 2015 VAT mess

Two Patreon updates

The smaller update is that the next word to be encoded has been chosen: eclipse. It’s looking like it will be a lot of fun!

So far I’ve been very pleased with how things are going on Patreon. I’ve made my first three goals and have started to follow through on them.

  1. I’ve paid to remove ads from my blog.
  2. I’m still trying out making videos, so the fruits of that will be a little slow to appear. I want them to be right, and it’s the sort of thing that takes practice. I hope to be able to post a test video soon to see what you think.
  3. I’ve been able to pay for a premium subscription to Stitch Maps so I can publish high-quality stitch maps on my blog as well as regular charts.

I’m going to get a little more ambitious now. Writing my stitch pattern and technique blog posts is a lot of work. I enjoy doing it, but have begun to realize that I would like to earn something from it. I dislike the idea of ad revenue for a range of reasons. I have reason to hope that a number of you find my blog helpful or interesting. If you have a little to spare, would you be willing to chip in? Either way, would you mind letting your friends know about my blog?

My plan is to set four milestones, so that the first goal will cover a living wage for one blog post per month, the second for the second blog post per month, and so on.

Many thanks. The journey so far has been a heartening experience.

Hello, Knittyblog!

If you’re coming in from the Knitty blog, hello! It’s good to see you here.

I realized after looking at my site stats that the navigation on my secret code pages wasn’t as clear as it might be, so I’ve added a link at the bottom of each page to the next in the series. There’s also a dropdown menu at the top of the page, under “Embedding Meaning in Your Knitting”.

You might also be interested in my newly-released pattern, Bread and Roses, designed using my secret code methods.