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Stitch flashback: skulls

New content is still on hiatus while I work on a big project. Instead, since we’re coming up on Halloween, I’m going to link to a stitch pattern I made that accidentally looked like skulls. (By the way, the human tendency to see random images as faces and so on is called pareidolia
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Looking at older posts

There’s a thing on Twitter, and probably elsewhere, where people post on Thursdays about things they were doing in the past. I’ve been thinking recently that I have a bunch of older posts I enjoyed making that I made when my blog audience was much smaller.

Throwback Thursday seems like a good excuse to share them. I hope you’ll agree!

Back in 2012, I did a whole series of posts on picking out color schemes from photographs using a range of computer tools. Here’s a link to the first; the whole set can be seen using the color exercises tag. (There’s some other posts on color as well.)