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3, 2, 1… Gift-a-long!

This is my third year participating in the Indie Design Gift-A-Long on Ravelry, which is like a giant holiday knitting and crochet party in the last part of the year. It’s a lot of things all at once:

  1. A giant Ravelry forum with threads where you can share your progress on eligible patterns. If you use any paid pattern by the 335 participating designers, you are eligible for prizes from games and various random prize draws. There’s a lot of free yarn, knitting and crochet tools, and coupon codes for patterns. I’m also offering a custom secret code stitch pattern as one of the prizes.
  2. You don’t have to buy a pattern to be eligible – it can be a pattern you already own for whatever reason.
  3. Did I mention the threads? They’re a great place to have conversations about how you’re doing in general as well as to get help from the other participants and designers.

I have found it a delightful and valuable experience, not just because it’s a boost to sales. I really like getting to chat with participants – designers or not. I’ve made some valuable friendships and partnerships with other designers, and have basked in the companionship of other people who are doing the same thing as me as well as knitters making my patterns. Working at home can be isolating; sharing a massive project with several hundred other people working from home or in their spare time makes for a nice community effort.

I’ll be posting three extra posts over the next week to celebrate the Gift-A-Long, and giving away three patterns by other designers. Stay tuned!



This weekend I went to SAFF (the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair). I stayed in a cabin with some of my local fiber group and with some Ravelry friends (some mine, some theirs). We had a great time. I made some new friends, connected with people whom I’d never met in person, had a lot of hugs, looked at a lot of yarn and books and tools and animals. The fall foliage was gorgeous and it was glorious to be with my people.

It was a blast! If you have a chance to go, I recommend it.

I had been planning to post photos of SAFF for you today and so I didn’t have anything else lined up in the queue. But I was living so thoroughly in the moment that the only photos I took the whole weekend were of the little girl who was staying in our cabin, petting the cat who lives in the campground. Not exactly representative of SAFF. I don’t regret not taking pictures, but I do regret not being able to share my memories with you more thoroughly.

Here is the book I bought, which I’ve been considering getting for a while:

The Techniques of Tablet Weaving by Peter Collingwood.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I have plans for secret code combined with tablet weaving, though I have some work to do to get to that point.


Well, this is something I didn’t expect to happen – the idea sprang up among a bunch of independent designers about ten days ago, and suddenly we’re having a gift-a-long.

What is a gift-a-long? In this case, it’s a large group of people knitting or crocheting gifts  from a select group of patterns by independent designers. There’s a Ravelry group: Indie Design Gift-a-Long, where people are discussing their work and getting to know each other. There are prizes and there will be games. It’s a lot of fun!

The gift-a-long will extend through the end of the year. Our gift to you as designers is a 25% discount on all participating patterns that lasts through November 15 (just use the coupon code giftalong before you pay for patterns).

There are thousands of patterns available, listed both in a Ravelry thread and a group of Pinterest boards. There are links to everything from the group’s information pages on Ravelry.

My six available paid patterns are all included in the sale:


I’ve started out by knitting Leethal’s Wild is the Wind, a top-down hat. (Is anyone surprised? No? Good.)

Here’s my progress so far (click for a bigger picture):

wildisthewindI’ve been delighted both by how the pattern is written and how it’s coming out. It seems that Leethal’s style suits my thought processes.

Having a great time, wish you were here!