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Weaving drafts and other things to do with encoding the word “weave”

When the random number generator pulled the word weave out of the Patreon suggestion pool, I knew at once that I wanted to include a weaving blog post for it.

I’m going to include various possibilities, with some help from a more experienced weaver. I’m still a beginning weaver myself and making weaving drafts is still mostly a mystery to me.

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The Rush of Teaching

Maker Faire NC 2013 - Mini-looms

Photo by JackBunny on Flickr posted under a Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

My yarn  crafts group has had a space at Maker Faire NC since its beginning, and we’ve always had a great time. We’ve shown people the extreme basics of spinning and have sometimes sent people away with very short lengths of yarn they made themselves. We’ve had looms set up and shown people how to weave on them because we feel that it’s much easier to find knitting or crochet lessons than ones for weaving. It also seems easier to teach someone the basics of weaving in a few minutes. But we’ve never really had an organized plan for a complete project that someone could take away with them.

This year the Maker Faire people asked us to come up with a Make & Take project – that is, something that could be learned quickly and taken away by the participant. After some thought, I suggested using popsicle stick rigid heddles to make narrow straps that could be used as bracelets or keyfobs or any number of other things. There wasn’t going to be any way for people to finish a meaningful piece of weaving at the booth (space & time were both issues), but they could learn enough to feel comfortable finishing on their own – or so we hoped.

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