Doodle worked as a knit/purl pattern

Doodle, the knit/purl version

A while back, I doodled up a chart. (It’s not secret code.) I’m gradually working through making it into various kinds of knitting. Here it is as a knit/purl pattern. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the stitch pattern, the yarn, or my gauge, but the pattern in my swatch is really only visible with bright light coming from an angle. I suspect it’s mostly the yarn; my next knit/purl pattern will be done with thicker yarn.

Nonetheless, I’m happy with the result.

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Charts for justice/equality/mercy

Mercy, Justice, Equality stitch pattern. Equality by itself will be much simpler.

(I’ve fussed with color and focus.)

These are the two charts I worked out for combining all three words for those who want to work with all three. (These are all the posts about this project.) You’re welcome to use them for whatever you like. Use as many or as few of the words as you like (the blue lines mark the boundaries). The two versions are based on two different ways of charting the encoded letters. I don’t have the swatch for the chart on the left (which is silly – I know better than to rip out swatches!) so the swatch  shows the chart on the right.

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So many ways to make a hug!

This is my last post on encoding “Hug” in yarn. First I knitted lace, then I played with crochet, and now I’m going to finish up with some more knitting.

I discussed the mechanics of laying out this particular grid in the crochet post, but here it is one more time, stripped down a bit.

other hugs - 2 rows

As with the crochet, sometimes the stitches work better with patterning on every row, and sometimes they do well to have a plain row in between. (Compare it with the lace chart, and you’ll see that the yarn overs go in the dark squares.)

other hugs

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