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Leafy Columns: two lace knitting stitch patterns

Last week, I posted Leafy Blocks, and remarked that it inspired something I preferred. Here is Leafy Columns (versions 1 & 2), which is like a compressed version of Leafy Blocks. I think these work much better: they have cleaner lines and they look less blobby. I think it’s more interesting and attractive.

I’m not looking for affirmation here; I’m confident about the quality of my designs. I have two points that I’m trying to make with these recent blog posts:

  1. Personal taste is subjective, and it’s okay to like different things. Though my original planned point was
  2. part of the process of making things is to make mistakes and try things that it turns out you might not like personally. Imperfection is part of the creative process. I’m going to link again to a post from Tien Chu that expands upon this.
    I’m sharing the results of these experiments that I don’t like because I feel like it’s easy to look at designers and bloggers and Instagrammers and so on who only share the things that satisfy them, and think that all their things are perfect, and then feel that if your own work isn’t perfect, there’s something flawed about you. But really it’s just that they don’t ever share their imperfect work.

Posts in this series of stitch patterns based on Bunny Ears Yarnover

Follow link for charts and written instructions

Bunny Ears Yarnover

Back when I unvented* the bunny ears back decrease (I’m using the name that another unventor came up with because it seems to be somewhat standard by now), I thought about trying a variant with a yarnover in the middle, but never got around to it.

However, I finally had reason to try it out with the regular bunny ears decrease variant, for my Smile lace. I thought it would be good to write up the result in more detail in a blog post by itself, because I know myself well enough to know that I’m about to embark on playing with it to make other stitch patterns. (There are already ideas lurking in the back of my head.)

Posts in this series of stitch patterns based on Bunny Ears Yarnover

Instructions and also musing on perfection