Sunshine: needlework charts for any craft

Sunshine: a free needlework chart for any craft.

The word of the month is Sunshine, suggested by Natasha on Patreon.

I usually develop a complicated knitting stitch pattern for each word, but I also like to provide a basic chart for any craft that’s worked on a grid: beads, cross stitch, whatever. I also try to provide an image of the pattern repeated all over not as a chart. It doesn’t necessarily look like a chart, but I just want to give a sense of it.

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Snug: some charts for any craft that uses charts

Snug: a free chart for any craft that uses charts

Usually I do one post like this each month to go with my words suggested by my Patreon supporters. I seem to have fallen down on the job for the last few months, though, so I’m going to catch up with three charts in one post!

Herein, please find (from most recent word to the oldest) Snug, Cunning, and Sprout.

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