some charts for any craft that uses charts

Snug: a free chart for any craft that uses charts

Usually I do one post like this each month to go with my words suggested by my Patreon supporters. I seem to have fallen down on the job for the last few months, though, so I’m going to catch up with three charts in one post!

Herein, please find (from most recent word to the oldest) Snug, Cunning, and Sprout.

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Solitude: a free chart for any craft

Solitude: a free chart for any craft that uses grids

Each month I encode a word suggested by my Patreon backers. I make one complex knitting stitch from that code, usually lace, but sometimes a fancy cable pattern. I also pick one of the code charts that I think would work well for many kinds of crafts: needlepoint, tiles, beadwork, cross stitch, crochet, and even knitting. (For knitting, some of these charts will work for colorwork, or can be turned into knit/purl designs and so on.)

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