Out of the wild, two free stitch patterns

Out of the wild, a free lace knitting stitch pattern.

When I designed Wild/erness, I was struck by various motifs I saw within it. Reading¬†Creating Original Handknitted Lace by Margaret Stove has given me more confidence about isolating motifs from lace, and so I thought I’d pull them out as stitch patterns in their own right. Caveat: removed from context, these no long qualify as “secret code” but I think they coordinate visually with Wild/erness. (I think it’s funny to include that, but I design more “secret code” stitches than not, so.)

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the Lark in the Morning

And now we see why I showed you how to do the lark’s head stitch in my last post! Here’s a free stitch pattern for you, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This combination of yarnovers came up as part of a draft secret code stitch pattern I’m putting together. It’s not meant as secret code by itself though. I just lifted it out of a larger stitch pattern because I liked the little hearts. Secret: I don’t usually like hearts.

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