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Designer Interview: Raven Knits

I know Raven casually from the four years of  the Gift-a-Long and elsewhere on Ravelry, and also from Google+. (She’s posting an inspiring daily hat feature for the GAL over there, by the way, and also on Instagram.) I associate her with her cute dog, Amber, and also patterns named for less well-known aspects of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.
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Designer interview: Nim Teasdale

Here is my second of three designer interviews for this year’s Gift-a-Long.

I met Nim Teasdale in the Gift-a-Long two years ago. I was knitting one of her amazing shawls, and she was already following my blog for the stitch patterns. We have since become friends, and also collaborators. She’s designed several shawls that use my stitch patterns: some that are here on my blog, and also some that I have designed exclusively for her.

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Designer Interview: Robynn Weldon

One of the things I like about the Gift-a-Long is working with other independent designers on a giant project. It’s a nice way to support each other. I also like introducing some of them to my followers.

I met Robynn on Twitter this year and then realized we’d been in the Gift-a-Long together in previous years. Somehow this is extra satisfying.

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Well, this is something I didn’t expect to happen – the idea sprang up among a bunch of independent designers about ten days ago, and suddenly we’re having a gift-a-long.

What is a gift-a-long? In this case, it’s a large group of people knitting or crocheting gifts  from a select group of patterns by independent designers. There’s a Ravelry group: Indie Design Gift-a-Long, where people are discussing their work and getting to know each other. There are prizes and there will be games. It’s a lot of fun!

The gift-a-long will extend through the end of the year. Our gift to you as designers is a 25% discount on all participating patterns that lasts through November 15 (just use the coupon code giftalong before you pay for patterns).

There are thousands of patterns available, listed both in a Ravelry thread and a group of Pinterest boards. There are links to everything from the group’s information pages on Ravelry.

My six available paid patterns are all included in the sale:


I’ve started out by knitting Leethal’s Wild is the Wind, a top-down hat. (Is anyone surprised? No? Good.)

Here’s my progress so far (click for a bigger picture):

wildisthewindI’ve been delighted both by how the pattern is written and how it’s coming out. It seems that Leethal’s style suits my thought processes.

Having a great time, wish you were here!