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New pattern & ebook

My friend Sarah and I have written six hat patterns this year that were inspired by antique spindle whorls from around the world. It’s been a lot of fun to see the differences and similarities between whorls from half a world apart.

We will be releasing the six patterns over the course of the next four months, including a couple of matching accessories. Scored and Mighzal are available for purchase already. They are both slouchy hats, though obviously to different degrees. (Mighzal is a slouchy beanie; Scored is like a slouchy beret.)





The patterns are (or will be) available individually, as accessory sets, and as an ebook, Our Heads are Spinning.

Each individual hat pattern is $5, while the accessories are $3 each. The accessory sets will be $7. The ebook will be on sale for $15 through October, and $20 from then on. (If you buy an individual pattern, we can arrange a corresponding discount for the sets (if relevant) or for the ebook.)